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Photo of Lania Knight sitting on a sofa. She has brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.

About Me.

I’ve been teaching creative writing at university and in the community for more than 15 years. My passion is small group workshops and one-to-one tutorials. I focus on new ideas and revision, short and long projects, fiction and creative nonfiction. 

I’ve written two novels, numerous short stories and personal essays and a few poems. My most recent project is a book about looking after an allotment garden plot in the UK.


My Teaching

I work with writers.


One-to-one sessions to talk about your writing-in-progress, either face-to-face or online.


Small-group sessions to generate new work or revise writing-in-progress.


University-level classes about various aspects of writing, including fiction and creative nonfiction.


Presentations for writers at all levels and for anyone wanting to teach writing.

Watch a talk I gave about revising works-in-progress.

A video from the Secluded Writers Conference

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My Allotment Project

I’m writing a book about looking after an allotment in the UK.
A bowl of yoghurt, pecans and greengage for breakfast.
Fortnightly Updates

Picture of an old push-pull weeder.

Apples ripening on a tree.

A jar filled with greengage plums and gin.



Hear what others say about working with me.
Picture of a woman in an orange checked shirt writing in a journal.

‘One of the finest teachers/tutors I have ever worked with. She combines a unique blend of academic acumen with the skills and instincts of a
professional writer in order that you learn both “how” to write and “how” to be yourself in your writing. She balanced the use of articles, references to classic
works, and educational resources with long discussion of my specific work in order that I was able to find advice and inspiration in both. I know that I am a far better writer, and have far more trust in myself as a writer, since working with Lania. I could not recommend her more highly’.


Sarah Robertson

Writer and Marketing Consultant, Canada


Want to read more?

I write about life. Sometimes it gets messy in here.

This is an essay I wrote about leaving home on the back of a motorcycle.

Looking back on growing up in a small town in Texas through the lens of racism.

Three Cubic Feet, a novel shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Prize in Debut Fiction.

An essay about my first pregnancy and the boy who helped me choose kindness.

Remnant, a dystopian novel set in the American Midwest after an agricultural collapse.

An essay about working with a psychic to heal childhood trauma.

Follow me as I write my next book


My Blog

Brief thoughts about writing and life.
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