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Noise of the World

The flags, one for the US, one for the UK, are flying at half-mast today at Harlaxton. Stephanie, an archaeology student from University of Evansville died yesterday due to complications of a long-term illness. This morning, the principal gave an… Read More »Noise of the World

Read the Lines on my Palm

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. This year it’s particularly challenging as it comes two days after my divorce is final. No matter the reason(s) for ending a marriage, when you’ve been with someone for fifteen years, it’s a difficult goodbye. In the… Read More »Read the Lines on my Palm

I Was Sat

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My furniture arrives in eight days, a three-seater sofa bed and a mattress, both bespoke. Which means, in UK speak, they were made for me. I’ve rarely had clothes made for me, much less furniture. I’ve gone posh, as they might… Read More »I Was Sat