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How Much I Love a Good Story

May 12, 2017 | Tags:, , , , ,  | Comments Closed

Has anyone ever written a story just for you? Or have you ever read something and thought, oh, that’s just what I needed? I’m currently marking student work, third year creative writing dissertations and second year creative responses to a field trip in Córdoba, and I feel so lucky, so spoiled. I’m grateful, first, that I get to read creative writing as a core task of my job as a university lecturer. Second, I’m grateful to my students for their hard work, for understanding how much I love a good story.

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I Was Sat

November 21, 2015 | Tags:, , , , ,  | Comments Closed

My furniture arrives in eight days, a three-seater sofa bed and a mattress, both bespoke. Which means, in UK speak, they were made for me. I’ve rarely had clothes made for me, much less furniture. I’ve gone posh, as they might say in my newly adopted country. Well, maybe not the ‘gone posh’ part. But really, I do live in the poshest neighborhood of a very posh town, and it’s all because I’ve gotten lucky. Very lucky. Someone has been sprinkling fairy dust on my life. Or sweeping the ice for me, … More »